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The Beaverhead Hunt Continues

Search for Treasure Across Beaverhead County Again this Summer!

The Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture and the University of Montana Western Glass Arts Program have partnered for the second year in a row for the Annual Beaverhead Treasure Hunt. One-of-a-kind, beautiful glass art objects, custom-made by UMW Glass students, will be hidden at local businesses from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Over 100 glass art objects made by the students in the University of Montana Western Glass Arts Program, under the instruction of Professor Ruth King, will be hidden in the shops of: Bannack, Dillon, Lima, Dell, Grant, Jackson, Wisdom, Wise River, Dewey, and Glen. Visit these towns’ businesses for a chance to find a your own one-of-a-kind glass art treasure from Memorial Day through Labor Day!

This year’s works of glass art represent the forests, waters, and minerals of                Beaverhead County by featuring an impression of a pinecone and                        colors of minerals including gold, copper, ruby, garnet, and talc.                          Search the county and collect these amazing objects d’art!

According to Chamber Executive Director, Rebecca Jones, “These 

pieces are so authentic and lovely, you will want to take it home to let

the sunshine through it!  Each limited-edition paperweight is stamped with the year. 


Participants can bring their prize into the Beaverhead Chamber office located at 10 W. Reeder St. in Dillon to show us your paperweight and be entered into a drawing to win $100 Chamber Bucks! But the beautiful paperweight is yours to keep!”


Summer '22.tiff

Rules of the Hunt!

  • 100 treasures are hidden from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

  • These treasures remain hidden everyday rain or shine. 

  • One paperweight, per person/per summer. Share the love!

Treasured Words of Advice

  • We use the term “hide” loosely; we want our treasures to be found!

  • The paper weights are cleverly hidden in plain sight, in public areas of local businesses and historical sites. Please do not disturb the areas.

The Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture especially thanks The University of Montana Western Glass Art Students for their creativity and artistry in designing and producing these unique and beautiful works of art!

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